[JAVA] I stumbled when I tried using neo4j in the jenv environment, so make a note

I stumbled when I tried to use neo4j in brew, so make a note It was due to the jenv and Java versions


--Use Java 8 --Set $ JAVA_HOME even if you are using jenv



From [http: // localhost: 7474](http: // localhost: 7474) username: neo4j password: neo4j I can't connect even if I access with The error message looks like this ServiceUnavailable: WebSocket connection failure even on localhost

Apparently WebSocket isn't saying well


#First install Java 8
#After installation, add to jenv and set to global
$ jenv add /path/to/jdk1.8/Contents/Home/
$ jenv global 1.8
# $JAVA_HOME automatic setting
$ jenv enable-plugin export
#Reboot the terminal 1.Check if it is 8
$ echo $JAVA_HOME
#neo4j reboot
$ neo4j restart
$ open http://localhost:7474

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