[JAVA] The story that the port can no longer be used in the Spring boot sample program

Someone is sitting in the port

Identify and stop the process that's listening on port 8080 or configure this application to listen on another port.

What is this guy? It was running the first time. It seems that the port is already in use, to guess the context.

Check if it is true

From cmd

netstat -an

I will check it with.

image.png Certainly, 8080 is LISTENING. Is this a recognition that another application is monopolizing? Work with the premise as it is ** 1. Find and exit the running app (Assumption: Maybe the java you moved before is still sitting?) ** ** If the assumption of 2.1 is correct, set it so that it will be delivered properly after stopping ** Let's focus on the two.

Find out which apps are running and exit

This time, check who is sitting from cmd.

netstat -nao | find "8080"

image.png I came ... 3688 ・ ・ ・‼ This is ... the root of all evil ...! It seems that it is the fastest to cut it with the kill command here, but I will check the identity from the task manager. Is there a way to check it from cmd? Well? Spitz taught me that I should do too much. image.png Sure enough, it was java ~ End from task In addition, I thought that the same phenomenon would occur after restarting, but I succeeded in restarting smoothly, so is this okay?

Once solved

Also, if there is a problem with the port, I will transcribe it.

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