[JAVA] [Spring Boot] I investigated how to implement post-processing of the received request.

I will be in charge of the project that realizes API ⇔ API cooperation processing with external services. Make a note of the various research / implementation of the title.



The person in charge on the external service side said the following.

In response to the above, when I was designing the API on this side, I thought about the following.

If you do the above, I wonder if it will meet the demands of the external service first. Even here, it's easier to return what you return first. The code image is below.


public class SampleController() {
    //Accepting requests from external services
    @RequestMapping(value = "/sample")
    public String sample(@Validated SampleForm form) {
        //Minimal processing to return a response
        return "";

    //Post-processing(Image: If you read this article, it will not be implemented like this)
    private void after() {
        //Processing required other than returning a response

Realization method

After investigating, it seems that it can be realized by HandlerInterceptor # afterCompletion (). I referred to the following article. Understanding how to implement common request processing on Spring MVC (+ Spring Boot)

HandlerInterceptor is an interface that also has methods for purposes other than post-processing, This time, I want to implement only the post-processing individually, so Prepare a class that inherits HandlerInterceptorAdapter, which is an implementation class of HandlerInterceptor. Also, from the perspective of post-processing, HandlerInterceptor # postHandle () is also a candidate, This is excluded because it does not meet our requirements as it will not be called when an exception occurs. HandlerInterceptor # afterCompletion () is called whether it ends normally or an exception occurs.


public class SampleInterceptor extends HandlerInterceptorAdapter {
    //At the end of normal/AfterCompletion because I want to implement only post-processing regardless of abnormal termination()Only override
    public void afterCompletion(HttpServletRequest request,
                                HttpServletResponse response, Object handler, Exception ex) throws Exception {
      //Post-processing implementation

Next, our requirement is to apply post-processing only to requests for / sample in the above code image. This can be addressed with the following implementation, which is also mentioned in the article above.


public class WebMvcConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {
    //I have to register the bean
    public SampleInterceptor sampleInterceptor() {
        return new SampleInterceptor();
    public HogeInterceptor hogeInterceptor() {
        return new HogeInterceptor();

    public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {
                .addPathPatterns("/sample"); //The target is specified here
        //If you want to specify multiple Interceptors, write them side by side. You can also chain and specify multiple paths
        //If you specify the same path in different Interceptors, both afterCompletions()Is executed
        //It has not been investigated how the execution order is decided

With the above, the required processing has been realized. If you don't specify a target with ʻaddPathPatterns`, all Controllers seem to be subject to post-processing.

The actual code is not limited to the sample code above, but there are a few more. That's all I want to write down.

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