Web application development environment construction in Java (for inexperienced people)


This article is intended for inexperienced people in your company, and provides steps to get you from creating the environment to the entrance to the actual logic without stumbling. Therefore, there is nothing new!

About the technology to use

It is based on the following technology set.

Using the above, we will explain the infrastructure and environment construction of a simple web application using Servlet and JSP.

1. Installation of web server (Apache)

1. Download

Click the following in order to download. Download site: Apache 2.4 image.png image.png image.png image.png

2. Installation

Unzip the downloaded file to any folder. Make a note of the following folder path in the unzipped folder.

{Unzipped folder}¥Apache24¥bin

Access this path from the command line using the command prompt.

C:¥> cd {Unzipped folder}¥Apache24¥bin

** * Caution * Open a command prompt with administrator privileges. (Because administrator privileges are required for installation) **

Windows Key> Windows System Tools> Command Prompt (Right Click)> Other> Run as administrator image.png

C:¥> cd {Unzipped folder}¥Apache24¥bin
C:¥{Unzipped folder}¥Apache24¥bin> httpd.exe -k install

image.png Apache tries to start according to the installation, but it cannot be started due to a Syntax error, so check the configuration file. The configuration file is ** {Unzipped folder} \ Apache24 \ conf \ httpd.conf **

3. Start

image.png The initial value is the "/ Apache24" folder, and since such a folder does not exist in Windows, an error occurred. Change according to the environment.

# Define SRVROOT "/Apache24"
Define SRVROOT "{Unzipped folder}/Apache24"

When starting again, use Apache Monitor. There is an exe file under the bin folder, so when you execute it, it will be resident in the taskbar. image.png image.png When you click Start, the feather stop symbol (red) replaces the execution symbol (green). After starting, access the following URL with a browser, and if the default page is displayed, it's OK!

2. Installation of application server (Tomcat)

1. Download

Click the following in order to download. Download site: Tomcat9 image.png image.png

2. Installation

Execute the downloaded ** "apache-tomcat-9.0.17.exe" ** and follow the wizard to install it. image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png You can uncheck the last "Show Readme".

3. Start

Tomcat will start when the installation is completed, so if you access the URL below and the screen is displayed, it's OK!

3. Install database server (postgreSQL)

For the installation of postgreSQL, I prepared a Qiita article for another matter, so refer to that.

4. Introduction of IDE (Eclipse)

1. Download

Click the following in order to download. image.png image.png

2. Installation

Unzip the downloaded ** "pleiades-2019-03-java-win-64bit_20190324.zip" ** and place it in any folder.

{Unzipped folder}¥pleiades¥eclipse¥eclipse

Execute ** "eclipse.exe" ** in the unzipped folder.

3. Start

OK if you can start it! image.png

5. Settings up to WEB application creation

A simple description of the target configuration looks like this image.png

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