[RUBY] [Devise] rails memo basic setting initial setting


devise initial, basic setting summary Surprisingly, it gets messed up, so ...


■ Work efficiency UP ■ Improved understanding of devise

【Development environment】

■ Mac OS catalina ■ Ruby on Rails ( ■ Virtual Box:6.1 ■ Vagrant: 2.2.7


Initialize devise

$ rails g devise:install

* If an error occurs,
$ bundle exec spring stop

Create model

$ rails g devise:app name

Create each view

$rails g devise views app name

Create each controller

$ rails g controllers devise:app name

When creating an email approval function

db/migrate/devise_creat_app name.rb

## Confirmable
      t.string   :confirmation_token
      t.datetime :confirmed_at
      t.datetime :confirmation_sent_at
      t.string   :unconfirmed_email # Only if using reconfirmable

When creating an API login function

db/migrate/devise_creat_app name.rb

## Trackable
      t.integer  :sign_in_count, default: 0, null: false
      t.datetime :current_sign_in_at
      t.datetime :last_sign_in_at
      t.string   :current_sign_in_ip
      t.string   :last_sign_in_ip

that's all

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