Java history in this world


There are people in the world who are aware of history, such as "Huh? Have you reincarnated in another world?" So I'd like to continue the history of this world about Java.

Relationship between Java and JavaScript

This is surprisingly a lot of recent people's recognition gaps, and if you say that Java and JavaScript have nothing to do with it, that's a lie. The reason why it was named JavaScript was originally developed under the name LiveScript, but when JS announced NetScape 2.0, which was implemented for the first time, NetScape and Sun Microsystems, the developer of Java, The company had a business alliance agreement. At that time, Java running on multiple platforms was very popular, and because he was writing in Java, he was allowed to apply to Sun to use the name JavaScript in spite of Java. For this reason, the name of JavaScript was given, so it seems that I got the name of a great ancestor. Well, there is such a relationship.

** Well, it has nothing to do with the language **

Java history


Java is born.

It was very unique yesterday and at that time it was still in its infancy that it was important for companies to be in the backbone, but because Sun Microsystems, which was famous as a UNIX vendor, was in the backbone. It will be very popular.


This year, it will be divided into the editions that everyone is familiar with.

Divided into these three, Java EE will be provided with paid support for enterprises.


At this time, Sun established OpenJDK in response to the wave of OSS. In the first place, Java means that you can create JDKs and SDKs other than Sun, and if Sun recognizes it as Java, it becomes Java. This is true not only for companies but also for the community, and OpenJDK was launched with the code donated by Sun, fearing that the community would be released under a closed license.


Android will be announced this year. Android is a big example that can prove that you can write OS and applications in Java, and it will be noticed again. (Well, Java was abandoned in a subsequent trial with Oralce) At the same time, a GUI application called JavaFX was announced, replacing the Swing that has been used until now. (It will be announced only and will be released the following year.)

As you can see, 2007 was a big breakthrough for Java.


This year, the world was shocked. How, Sun Microsystems, which has Java, which had a big rollback as mentioned above, was acquired by Oracle. (Honestly, I wonder how good it would have been if it had been acquired by IBM, which was rumored to be the acquisition destination at the same time.) It was a great starting point for all future problems. Java development stagnated due to the mess of this acquisition, and the next version of Java was far behind in 2011.


The first Java to be released since it was acquired by Oracle. Major changes include a specification change to Swing and the Fork / Join Framework to enhance the parallelization function.


Java 8 is announced. Addition of lambda and interface functions that are functional elements, addition of interfaces corresponding to functional types, etc. The interface and function updates are very impressive.


Announcing Java 9 At the same time as the announcement

The treasure sword monetization of Oracle's ancestor will explode. It's really bad, so please support Java 8 for the rest of your life.


This year Finally Java 11 has come out. OpenJDK hasn't announced that it will release Java 11 LTS, and Oracle hasn't said anything. I'm worried about whether Java, which existed like water that comes out when the faucet is twisted, will be obsolete. Such an opaque language is not recommended to others, and new people do not come in and only see a declining future.

Perhaps it's finally time to break up with Java.

See you again.

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