[CentOS, Eclipse] Load a library file in a C project

Thing you want to do

I want to add a C library to an Eclipse C project and use the API in the library



1. Copy the library file

  1. Create an "include" directory
  2. Store the inside of the directory containing the library (.lib) in the project directory. (When you make the shapefile library, a directory called .lib is created, and the library file is in it.)
  3. Copy the shapefil.h file and store it in the" include "directory created in your project

2. Library definition settings

  1. Right-click on the project "Properties"-> "C / C ++ Build"-> "Settings"-> "Tool Settings" project.png
  2. Specify the folder that stores ".lib" in "G ++ Linker"-> "Library"-> "Library Path"
  3. Enter "shp" in "G ++ Linker"-> "Library"-> "Library" (specify "shp" instead of "libshp" in the file name)

Where I got stuck

URL that I used as a reference

How the C library works

eclipse settings

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