[JAVA] What is maven?

Hello, this is Ponpoko. Let's research various things to make your own app and use "Maven"! I think work ... It took a lot of time just to build the environment, so make a note.

Please point out any inadequacies.

Problems faced while using Maven

――It took a lot of time to build the environment. ――I wanted to use various tasks with Ant, but I quit because of trouble.

I was mainly frustrated by these two.

What is Maven?

Maven means "expert, master".

Abbreviation for "Apache Maven", a typical Java build tool. Maven is an open source build tool used by many Java development tools. I think that it is often used especially when using the Java framework for complex project construction.

Maven is a build tool developed by inheriting the basic idea of Ant. The difference is that the information required for processing is described in XML format and goes through sources, libraries, plugins, and proxies? Make a description to process the entire program. There is no need to specify the details of the process in order to build.

What can you do with Maven?

Main features of Maven

--As a build tool --Various functions provided as extension tasks can be used in the form of plug-ins in Maven. --You only need to set the property file, and you don't need to write a dedicated XML. The plugin itself can also be installed with a single command. --By dynamically embedding the project-specific value set in the property file in XML and executing Ant, the user can benefit from the extended task without writing extra XML. I will.

--As a project site generator --Maven can access the information defined in POM and generate the project site as HTML. --It can be generated only by setting the property file without writing XML like that used in Ant.

--As an automatic library installer

--Maven has a function to automatically acquire the dependent artifacts defined in POM dependencies from the remote repository and install them in the local repository. ――By setting your own repository, you can install it automatically in the same way, so you can use the library without installing the library for each project or storing the library itself in CVS.

This time, I wrote about what Maven is.

Next time, I will explain about environment construction.

See you next time.

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