Try scraping about 30 lines in Java (CSV output)

What is scraping?

Computer software technology that extracts information from websites. There are various gray zones when scraping, so be careful. Reference: Scraping and Law


I want to talk about what you can do with scraping. Here are some concrete examples

--Data collection for machine learning --Data analysis for corporate marketing --Data collection for use in the app

There are various ways to use it.

Source code

//Import statement omitted
public class scraping {
    public static void main(String[] args){
        //File preparation
        PrintWriter p = null;
        try {
            p = new PrintWriter(new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream("Output destination path/sample.csv"),"Shift-JIS")));
            //Specify the header
            //You can change it freely here
            //If you want to add more columns,And add the column name as a set
                p.print("Column 1");
                p.print("Column 2");
            //This time I'm using it as a column key
                int num = 1;
                Document document = Jsoup.connect("Target url").get();
                //You can set various things such as class name, id name, tag name, etc.
                Elements elements ="Target element");
                //Extract when there are multiple target elements
                for (Element element : elements) {
                    //Set the contents
                    p.println();    //new line
            } catch (IOException e) {
            }finally {
        System.out.println("File output completed!");



Elements elements = ("target elements");

For the target element

--Tags such as body and p --Class name such as .class -ID name such as #id

Can be specified. Also,

There is also a specification method such as the name class of the p tag.


for (Element element : elements) { // set the contents p.print(num); p.print(","); p.print(element.text()); p.println (); // Line break num++; }

--The contents can be retrieved by using the text method.


As a result, I was able to realize scraping with java in about 30. I personally like java so I tried it.

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