Examine the elements in the array using the [Ruby] includes? Method

__ If the array contains a specific character string, I want to cut it out and perform another process. __

includes? method

The include? method is a method that determines whether the specified element is included in the array.

array = ["foo", "bar"]
puts array.include?("bar")
#=> true
puts array.include?("hoge")
#=> false

Problem example

Create a method that returns "true" if a specific character is included in the array, and "false" if it is not.
Here, the specific character is a number of 1,2,3. I will write the code.

def array123(nums)
  if nums.include?(1) && nums.include?(2) && nums.include?(3)
    puts "True"
    puts "False"

This time we will call the method of array123, setnums as a formal argument, and we are ready to receive the actual argument.

def array123(nums)

If each of 1, 2 and 3 is included using if conditional branching, perform the following processing. Logical operator`&&`(Meaning of)`||`(Or meaning) etc. are used.
if nums.include?(1) && nums.include?(2) && nums.include?(3)

If there is a process you want to do when true, describe it between if ~ else, If there is a process you want to make when false, describe it between else ~ end.
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