[RUBY] About the problem that the server can not be started with rails s

The problem you want to solve

I want to start a local server, but the following notation appears.

A server is already running. Check /Users/username/projects/chat-app/tmp/pids/server.pid.


Ruby 2.6.5 Rails 6.0 macOS Catalina

Identifying problems

The description of the controller was incorrect and a Syntax error occurred. ↓ I reloaded after changing the description, but the loading was very slow, so after interruption, reloading again ↓ A large number of characters appeared on the browser screen and the terminal operation became ineffective, so the terminal was forcibly terminated. ↓ After starting the terminal again, even if I use rails s, it does not start and the above output is made and the server does not start


When you start the server

A server is already running. Check /Users/username/projects/chat-app/tmp/pids/server.pid.

It seems that the server file is temporarily created in the location output to the terminal I couldn't start the new server because the files remained here.

Delete the file by executing the command to specify the number described in the file in the terminal and delete it.

% kill -9 The number described in the remaining file

The server starts safely with rails s


Even if unexpected behavior suddenly occurs, try not to force termination as much as possible This time, I was afraid of the mysterious character list other than the error and it was forcibly terminated.

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