[RUBY] [HTTP] Status code included in the HTTP response

What is a status code?

When a web browser requests data such as HTML files and images from the web server, the web server responds as an HTTP response. The HTTP response contains the result of processing for the request (HTTP request). This is the status code. This status code is a three-digit number from 100 to 500. When we are able to browse the website normally, the status code of `` 200'' is returned as an HTTP response.

Typical response code included in HTTP response

Status code Contents
100 continue Request ongoing
200 OK The request was successfully accepted
301 Moved Paramanetly The requested content has moved
302 Found The requested content is temporarily moved
304 Not Modified The requested content has not been updated. Content temporarily saved in the WEB browser is displayed
400 Bad Request Illegal request
404 Not Found Requested content not detected
500 Internal Server Error An error occurred inside the server while processing the request
503 Service Unavailable Temporarily unable to process due to access concentration or maintenance

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