Java method call from RPG (method call in own class)

A memorandum of calling Java methods from ILE RPG. It is also mentioned in the "IBM Rational Development Studio for i ILE RPG Programmer's Guide" (IBM i version 7.2), but it wasn't written in great detail, so I actually tried it.

The environment of IBM i that was executed is version: V5R4, Java: 1.4.2. (It also worked on V7R2 and Java 1.8.0.)

To make it a little more practical, I created a program that returns the status of running jobs. Pass a string (job name) as an argument and return the string (status). (If the same job name exists more than once, the status of the first acquired job is returned.)

IBM i environment check

It's okay if the Java version is returned by the following command.

java -version

Folder structure

The folder structure of IFS on IBM i is as follows.


Java program preparation

package mypackage;


public class As400Funcs {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

	public static String GetJobSts(String searchJob) {
		AS400 as400  = new AS400("192.168.XXX.XXX" ,"MYUSER" ,"MYPASS");

		String resultStatus		= "NONE";

		//get JobList
		RJobList jobList = new RJobList(as400);
		try {
			jobList.setSelectionValue(RJobList.PRIMARY_JOB_STATUSES, new String[] { RJob.JOB_STATUS_ACTIVE });
			//Get First Job
			long numberOfJobs = jobList.getListLength();
			for (long i = 0; i<numberOfJobs; ++i){
				RJob ajob = (RJob)jobList.resourceAt(i);
				RJob rjob = new RJob(as400,searchJob,(String)ajob.getAttributeValue(RJob.USER_NAME),(String)ajob.getAttributeValue(RJob.JOB_NUMBER));
				resultStatus  	= (String)rjob.getAttributeValue(RJob.ACTIVE_JOB_STATUS);
				System.out.println("JOB Status:"+resultStatus);
				System.out.println("JOB Name:"+searchJob);
		} catch (ResourceException e) {
		return resultStatus;

Compile and test run Java programs

Set environment variables. (Please sign off once to make sure.)

ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(CLASSPATH) VALUE('/JavaApps/bin:/JavaApps/lib/jt400.jar')

Compile and test run (QSHELL)

javac -d /JavaApps/bin /JavaApps/src/mypackage/
java mypackage/As400Funcs

In the sample, the argument job name is "DSP01", Please specify the job that is actually running. It's okay if you can get the status correctly.

RPG program preparation and compilation


      *Sample program that calls a JAVA method
     H DFTACTGRP(*NO)                                                                        
     D MAIN            PR                  EXTPGM('GETJOBSTSR')                              
     D                               10A                                                     
     D MAIN            PI                                                                    
     D searchJob                     10A                                                     
     D newString       PR              O   ExtProc(*JAVA:                                    
     D                                             'java.lang.String':                       
     D                                             *CONSTRUCTOR)                             
     D                                     Class(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')                   
     D  bytes                        10A   Const Varying                                     
     D GetJobSts       PR              O   ExtProc(*JAVA:                                    
     D                                     'mypackage.As400Funcs'                            
     D                                     :'GetJobSts')                                     
     D                                     STATIC                                            
     D                                     CLASS(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')      //Return type
     D  string                         O   CLASS(*JAVA:'java.lang.String') Const//Parameters
     D getBytes        PR            10A   ExtProc(*JAVA:                         
     D                                             'java.lang.String':            
     D                                             'getBytes')                    
     D                                     Varying                                
     D string1         S               O   Class(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')        
     D StringResult    S               O   Class(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')        
     D StringDisply    S             10A   Varying                                
          String1 = newString(searchJob) ;                                        
          StringResult = GetJobSts(String1) ;                                     
          StringDisply = getBytes(StringResult) ;                                 
          dsply StringDisply;                                                     
          *inLR = *on ;                                                           
          return ;                                                                

Run RPG program


It is OK if the job status is displayed on the screen.

"Received JAVA exception when calling JAVA method" error


In the case of an error, the environment variable "CLASSPATH" is often incorrect. Especially once the RPG is executed, the JVM starts with that job, and then

ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(CLASSPATH) VALUE('/JavaApps/bin:/JavaApps/lib/jt400.jar')

** Is not reflected ** even if is executed. (It seems that you cannot restart the JVM, and you have to sign off once.)

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