[RUBY] Explanation of the order of rails routes

Summary for myself

https://qiita.com/gawach/items/4e7460d06f70e3013eea It is summarized in, but I have a different understanding. I will explain it.

  1 get "posts/:id" => "posts#show"
  2 get "posts/new" => "posts#new"
  3 get "posts/new" => "posts#show"
  4 get "posts/:id" => "posts#new"
⑶ (Correct code written on Progate)
    get "posts/index" => "posts#index"
    get "posts/:id" => "posts#show" 

⑴ is wrong, and ⑵ is actually correct, which is shown below.

Because the code is prioritized from the top Make sure that certain URLs other than: id come before: id. And the rest of them are subject to: id. Because there are rules like the above If: id is described before URL such as posts / new, an error will occur.

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