The story of learning Java in the first programming

Nice to meet you

** I'm a 4th year university student working as an intern at a strange IT company in Tokyo. ** ** (* However, the 4th grade is the second time ...)

Today, about learning Java ** as my first programming I will write an article.

Why Java?

** "I want to make an app" **

I chose Java because of the short circuit.

To the extent that the smartphone I'm using is Nexus ** I like Google ** I chose Java instead of Swift.

If you think about it later Suddenly C would have been too difficult, I wouldn't know how the language works in Python, so I think Java was a language of just the right level of difficulty **.

I've been writing Python recently, Since I entered from Java, there are few problems.

What did you use to study?

I learned with ** Progate ** and ** Getting Started with Java **. ** About 3 days ** The foundation of the foundation will be over.

Progate   Progate is a ** service where you can learn about programming online **. If you haven't used it, you can use it for free at first, so be sure to check it out.

Even after that, the monthly membership fee should not have been 1,000 yen.

It was very efficient to learn ** basic grammar, methods and classes **.

Progate's ** Learning Courses 1-3 and Dojo Courses 1 ** are here.

… But when it comes to Java's object-oriented programming, ** it's hard to understand **. So, I got the next move.

A refreshing introduction to Java

** "If you want to learn Java, this is it! 』**

Good books that are said here and there ** "Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly" **

Now, let's reread from Chapter 1 with the intention of reviewing Progate. In particular, it is important to ** pick up the details ** that are not explained in Progate.

** When you finish reading "Part I Welcome to the World of Java" ** It can be said that the basics of programming have been solidified.

And continue as it is ** "Part II Clean and Convincing Object Oriented" ** Read.

With this book, you can easily understand ** object-oriented **! !!

And again to Progate

And while setting aside "Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly" ** Enter the program in the second half of Progate **.

Then, I can write what I didn't understand earlier! ** ** Rather, Progate was easier than a book ...

So, complete Progate's ** Study Courses 4-5 and Dojo Course 2 **.

After finishing, review again ** Carefully read "Introduction to Java for a refreshing look". ** **

Now you have enough power on the basics of Java basics.

How to study after that?

"Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly" I learned ** "Part III How to use API more conveniently" ** while actually copying it to eclipse.

And I'm working on the ** Practice Edition ** of the same series.

** Learning is going well. Crispy. ** **

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