[Rails / JavaScript / Ajax] I tried to create a like function in two ways.


This article is The first step for a fledgling engineer! This is his 16th day article on Advent Calendar 2020.

This is the first article to participate in Advent Calendar. I am in my second year as an engineer.

The article of the like function itself has a feeling of brewing, but what I wanted to do is that it is difficult to write in JS because the code increases.

Create a like function.

First of all, the model is common to both patterns and looks like this.


class Like < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :movie
  belongs_to :user

  LIKED_COLOR = '#ff3366'.freeze
  UNLIKED_COLOR = '#A0A0A0'.freeze


class Movie < ApplicationRecord
  has_many :likes, dependent: :destroy

  def like_by(user)
    likes.where(likes: { user_id: user }).last

  def liked_by?(user)

[Pattern 1] Rails Way version

Define routing.


resources :movies, only: :show
resources :likes, only: %i[create destroy]

The point of the controller is that if ** asynchronous ** create, destroy actions occur, Since create.js.slim`` destroy.js.slim is automatically render, @movie to be passed to each is defined by before_action.


class LikesController < ApplicationController
  before_action :set_movie

  def create
    Like.create!(user_id: current_user, movie_id: params[:movie_id])

  def destroy


  def set_movie
    @movie = Movie.find(params[:movie_id])

view will be written in slim this time. It doesn't matter, but the heart symbol is supposed to use fontawesome.

link_to is


  = render 'like', movie: @movie


- if movie.liked_by?(current_user)
  = link_to like_path(movie.like_by(current_user).id, movie_id: movie.id), method: :delete, remote: :true do
    i.fas.fa-heart style="color: #{Like::LIKED_COLOR}"
- else
  = link_to likes_path(movie_id: movie.id), method: :post, remote: :true do
    i.fas.fa-heart style="color: #{Like::UNLIKED_COLOR}"

The notation of js.slim may be a little unique. Both create and destroy render the same content.


| document.getElementById('js-like-button').innerHTML = "#{j(render 'movies/like', movie: @movie)}";


| document.getElementById('js-like-button').innerHTML = "#{j(render 'movie/like', movie: @user)}";

Pattern 1 is now complete. Thanks to Rails, you can do it quickly.

[Pattern 2] JavaScript version

Define routing. The create and destroy actions for the like feature are defined as APIs that pass JSON to JavaScript.


resources :movies, only: :show

namespace :api, format: :json do
  namespace :v1 do
    resources :likes, only: %i[create destroy]

Defines a controller for the API. If you do not write skip_forgery_protection, you will be caught in CSRF and you will not be able to hit the API from the JavaScript side. * I don't know much in detail, so I would appreciate it if an expert could teach.


module Api
  module V1
    class LikesController < ApplicationController

      def create
        like = Like.create!(user: current_user, movie_id: params[:movie_id])
        render json: { like_id: like.id }

      def destroy
        render json: { } #It's a bit ugly, but I couldn't process it on the js side unless I returned json.

The view once shows whether or not it is currently liked. input type ='hidden' defines the parameters like_id and movie_id to receive in JS.


  - like_button_color = @movie.liked_by?(current_user) ? Like::LIKED_COLOR : Like::UNLIKED_COLOR
  input type='hidden' id='like_id' value="#{@movie.like_by(current_user).id}"
  input type='hidden' id='movie_id' value="#{@movie.id}"
  i.fas.fa-heart style="color: #{like_button_color}"

Write a JS that hits the create and destroy APIs when the like button is clicked.


document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', () => {
  const LIKED_COLOR = '#ff3366';
  const UNLIKED_COLOR = '#a0a0a0';
  const LIKE_ENDPOINT = '/api/v1/likes';

  const rgbTo16 = rgb => {
    return '#' + rgb.match(/\d+/g).map((value) => {
      return ('0' + parseInt(value).toString(16)).slice(-2)

  const sendRequest = async (endpoint, method, json) => {
    const response = await fetch(endpoint, {
      headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        'Accept': 'application/json'
      method: method,
      credentials: 'same-origin',
      body: JSON.stringify(json)

    if (!response.ok) {
      throw Error(response.statusText);
    } else {
      return response.json();

  const createLike = movieId => {
    sendRequest(LIKE_ENDPOINT, 'POST', { movie_id: movieId })
      .then(data => { 
        document.getElementById('like_id').value = data.like_id

  const deleteLike = likeId => {
    const DELETE_LIKE_ENDPOINT = LIKE_ENDPOINT + '/' + `${likeId}`;
    sendRequest(DELETE_LIKE_ENDPOINT, 'DELETE', { id: likeId })
      .then(() => {
        document.getElementById('like_id').value = '';

  const likeButton = document.getElementById('js-like-button');

  if (!!likeButton) {
    likeButton.addEventListener('click', () => {
      const currentColor = rgbTo16(likeButton.style.color);
      const likeId = document.getElementById('like_id').value;
      const movieId = document.getElementById('movie_id').value;

      if (currentColor === UNLIKED_COLOR) {
        likeButton.style.color = LIKED_COLOR;
      else {
        likeButton.style.color = UNLIKED_COLOR;

Don't forget to read the written file with application.js. I always think, is it okay to write application.js with import ~ from ~?



Pattern 2 is over. It's a whole JS code, but it's long sweat


The easy thing is to use what Rails provides.

I will paste the reference link when I remember it.

We would appreciate it if you could give us your impressions and reviews.

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