[ruby] About here documents

Here document

By enclosing the long sentence with an identifier, you can save the long sentence as well.

irb(main):033:0> puts = <<hia
irb(main):034:0" ruby
irb(main):035:0" most like
irb(main):036:0" Programming language
irb(main):037:0" hia
=> "ruby\nmost like\nProgramming language\n"

First of all, I will explain Start label with an identifier called hia in a variable called puts on the first line If you enter the identifier that is the end label on the 4th line, the contents of the 2nd and 3rd lines will be stored in the variable puts. The stored contents are displayed on the 6th line.

irb(main):038:0> puts puts
most like
Programming language
=> nil

Of course, if you use puts variable (puts), you can output the character string stored in the variable earlier.

By the way, here documents can be output by expression expansion even when character strings and numbers are assigned to variables in advance.

irb(main):059:0> name = "Takeshi"
=> "Takeshi"
irb(main):060:0> age = 12
=> 12
irb(main):062:0> city = "Kanagawa"
=> "Kanagawa"
irb(main):063:0> text = <<EOF
irb(main):064:0"my name is#{name}is
irb(main):065:0"Age is#{age}
irb(main):066:0"I'm from#{city}
irb(main):067:0" EOF
=> "My name is Takeshi\n age is 12\I'm from Kanagawa\n"
irb(main):069:0> puts text
My name is Takeshi
Age is 12
I'm from Kanagawa

This time, I studied about here documents and output them.

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