Dockerfile memo


How to write dockerfile Personal memo


FROM ubuntu:latest  //Determining the base image: Describe first
RUN touch test  //Customize. An image layer is created for each RUN
CMD ["/bin/bash"] //Specify the default command CMD described at the end in principle["command","Argument 1", "Argument 2"]


Minimize layers. (Minimize RUN ADD COPY) CMD does not create layers

Basic 2

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    curl \

Basic 3

FROM ubuntu:latest
FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN mkdir /new_dir
COPY something /new_dir/  // COPY <src folder or file> <destination path>Copy files and folders in the docker context to a container

Basic 4

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN mkdir /new_dir
ADD compressed.tar /   // COPY <src folder or file> <destination path>Unzip the tar file or folder in the docker context and copy it to the container

Basic 5

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN touch test
ENTRYPOINT ["ls"]  //Unlike CMD, ENTRYPOINT cannot be overwritten during docker run. Also, write the option to CMD
CMD ["--help"]

Basic 6

FROM ubuntu:latest
ENV key1 value  //Set environment variables ENV<key name> <value>
ENV key2=value 

Basic 7

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN mkdir sample_folder  //I don't really need it
WORKDIR /sample_folder  //Change the instruction execution directory
RUN touch sample_file


cd is the source of bugs

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