Use npm while using Sprockets on Rails 5

What did you do

The Rails apps I've made so far

--Sprockets + JS library read from layout file with CDN --Webpacker + JS library loaded with npm

I had only made this pattern, but this time

--Sprockets + JS library loaded with npm

I will make an application called, and I will make a note of how to do it. Specifically, I will introduce the process of introducing the library

How to get started with npm + Rails

npm itself comes with downloading node.js. Since node.js should have been installed when building the Rails environment,

$ npm -v 

When the version is displayed with, it is OK.

Library installation

Install the library you want to install with npm.

$ npm install swiper

Starting with npm version 4, it will update package.json without the --save option.

Add path to asset pipeline

Add the path to the asset pipeline while looking at the path under node_modules. In the case of swiper this time, the necessary fileswiper-bundle.js was in the following location.

└── swiper
    └── swiper-bundle.js

So, in application.js, enter as follows.


//= require rails-ujs
//= require activestorage
//= require swiper/swiper-bundle.js  #Postscript
//= require_tree .

Add files required for initialization

If you have the code required for initialization, create another file in assets/javascripts or write it in application.js. This time I wrote it in application.js.


$(function() {
  new Swiper('.swiper-container', {
    loop: true,

    // If we need pagination
    pagination: {
      el: '.swiper-pagination',

    // Navigation arrows
    navigation: {
      nextEl: '.swiper-button-next',
      prevEl: '.swiper-button-prev',



Now, swiper works safely ^^

Image from Gyazo

Impressions, reference articles, etc.

It was fun to look back on the recent trends of Rails and JS ^^ The following is an article that I referred to.

-Asset Pipeline-Rails Guide --Install the front-end library used by Rails from npm -Rails 6: Fully understand Webpacker + Yarn + Sprockets and write JavaScript: Part 1 (translation)

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