[JAVA] Static file access priority in Spring boot

A note about static file access in spring-boot.

Locations where static files can be placed in Spring boot

spring boot is the default setting, projectDirectory/src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/ projectDirectory/src/main/resources/ projectDirectory/src/main/resources/static/ projectDirectory/src/main/resources/public/
By placing it below, access is possible.

As an example, When HTML is placed in each directory as shown below

project root
  └─ src
      └─ main
          └─ resources
              ├─ static
              |   └─ html
              |       └─ 1.html
              ├─ public
              |   └─ html
              |       └─ 2.html
              ├─ resources 
              |   └─ html
              |       └─ 3.html
              └─ META-INF
                  └─ resources
                      └─ html
                          └─ 4.html

To each HTML, http://localhost:8080/1.html http://localhost:8080/2.html http://localhost:8080/3.html http://localhost:8080/4.html It becomes possible to access in the form of.

Static file access priority in Spring boot

When a file with the same name exists in each directory as shown below

project root
  └─ src
      └─ main
          └─ resources
              ├─ static
              |   └─ html
              |       └─ test.html
              ├─ public
              |   └─ html
              |       └─ test.html
              ├─ resources 
              |   └─ html
              |       └─ test.html
              └─ META-INF
                  └─ resources
                      └─ html
                          └─ test.html

When you access http: //localhost:8080/test.html, META-INF / resources / html / test.html is returned

The search order for static files is

  1. resources/META-INF/resources/
  2. resources/
  3. resources/static/
  4. resources/public/

The search is performed in the order of, and the one found first is returned on the screen.

Think about using it in a project

  1. resources/META-INF/resources/
  2. resources/

Does not seem to be suitable for placing static files, as it also contains configuration files.

When actually using it in a project,

  1. resources/static/
  2. resources/public/

I think it will be placed in.

By name,

Something that doesn't change, such as a library, in resources / static /. resources / public / Place project-specific css, js, etc.

Is it like that? .. ..

Hmmm. I don't know what is best practice around here, so I don't know if this is all right. Someone who teaches and knows (; ∀ ;)

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