[RUBY] 11.1 AccountActivations Resources: Rails Tutorial Notes-Chapter 11

11.1 AccountActivations resource

11.1.1 AccountActivations Controller

Resouces used in routing can be used in a limited way with ʻonly`

  resources :account_activations, only: [:edit]


The named routes in Table 11.2 state that _url should be used instead of _path. Why? Think about it. Tip: We will now use the named route in emails.

You need to have a full path because you can only go with a path (URL) that can be accessed from outside the server. The root relative path returned by _path or the relative path cannot be used.

is the path helper (_path) returning a relative path? Absolute pass? : Rails tutorial memorandum --Qiita

11.1.2 Account Activation data model

Added 3 attributes to User model

$ rails generate migration add_activation_to_users \
> activation_digest:string activated:boolean activated_at:datetime

ʻActivated gives false` by default

class AddActivationToUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration[6.0]
  def change
    add_column :users, :activation_digest, :string
    add_column :users, :activated, :boolean, default: false #Initial value false
    add_column :users, :activated_at, :datetime

Call the method that assigns the ʻactivation_token and ʻactivation_digest attributes in advance with before_create

before_create :create_activation_digest
		def create_activation_digest
      self.activation_token  = User.new_token
      self.activation_digest = User.digest(activation_token)

ʻActivation_token is an attribute that is not in the model Requires ʻattr_accessor

attr_accessor :remember_token, :activation_token #Can be written in one line

Why you need attr_accessor and why you don't (Thanks to Rails): Rails tutorial memorandum --Chapter 9 --Qiita

Enable sample user and fixture

$ rails test > (GREEN)

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