[RUBY] Utilization of Rails Boolean type


I was making an original app and used the Boolean type for the first time. Write down the usage and precautions as a memorandum. The type of the column (column name: status, table name: suggestions) used for status judgment is boolean.

Development environment ruby 2.6.5 Rails

table of contents

  1. Migration file
  2. Model
  3. Data storage

1. Migration file

Set the column type to "boolean". Enforce a NOT NULL constraint with null: false to disallow empty columns.


    create_table :suggestions do |t|
      t.boolean :status, null: false

2. Model

Describe the validation in the model. Note that the description of column and empty validation is different.


validates :text, presence: true #<=Description of other columns
validates :status, inclusion: { in: [true, false] }

3. Data storage

Save as true or false.

@suggestion.status = true 

Reference page How to validate boolean column in Rails and return it as an error if the type is different that's all

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