[Ruby on Rails] Quickly display the page title in the browser


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Development environment

ruby 2.5.7 Rails OS: macOS Catalina

Editing the base title


module ApplicationHelper
  def full_title(page_title = '')
    base_title = "app name"
    if page_title.empty?
      "#{ page_title } | #{ base_title }"

Edit title in head


  <title><%= full_title(yield(:title)) %></title>

Add title for each page

This time we will assume that you have a about page. The additional location is OK at the top.


<%= provide(:title, 'About the site')%>

When displaying the title using columns like Qiita article It is OK if you write as follows.


<%= provide(:title, @genre.name)%>


By implementing these, it is possible to grasp the current position of the user, and It can be said that it is an indispensable function because it leads to improvement of the withdrawal rate of users.

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