Convert to Ruby Leet string


This is a learning memo.

What is Leet?

For example, when the word "Warez" is written in leet, some alphabets are changed to numbers and symbols with similar shapes, such as "W @ rez" and "W4r3z".

This time, convert as follows in Ruby.

Alphabet ⇄ symbol conversion table
Alphabet symbol

Convert characters with Leet for the input character string. After that, the character string is output.


word = gets.chomp.split('')
word.each do |w|
  case w
  when 'A'
    print '6'
  when 'B'
    print '8'
  when 'C'
    print '5'
  when 'D'
    print '3'
  when 'E'
    print '1'
    print w

Input example


[Execution result]



word = gets.chomp.split('')

-In the first line, the input characters are separated one by one into an array and assigned to the word variable. gets method: Receives input as a "character string" line by line. chomp method: Removes line breaks in character strings. split method: Splits a character string into an array.

word.each do |w|

-Assign the element of the word variable to the w variable From the second line onward, match judgment and character replacement are performed character by character depending on the case.

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