Java Silver Study Method Memo

This is a memo of how to study when you pass Java Silver.

Examination outline

Examination date: 2019/03/31 Correct answer rate: 80% Result: Pass

What I did as a test preparation

  1. Take it once for the time being → Since the free retake campaign was in progress, I took the test once as a mock exam to get a feel for the actual atmosphere. As I was almost unstudied, I naturally failed, but I was able to gain the mysterious confidence that "I think I will accept it if I try a few times."
  2. Read the explanation of Kuromoto's Mock Test 1 → Read the relevant parts of Chapters 1 to 9 only where you do not understand
  3. Solve Mock Test 1 → Read the explanation of the mistake
  4. Solve Mock Test 2 (I could only do about half due to time and energy) → Read the explanation of the mistake

It's not an exam preparation, but I think it was useful

――I was blessed with the opportunity to read Java code in my daily work --I have completed the Java course of progate ――I have read "Introduction to Java that can be understood clearly" and "Introduction to Java that can be understood clearly".

It was about half a year before the exam that I read the two "Refreshing" books. (I haven't read the practical version)


――I thought that those who have studied Java do not need to read through chapters 1 to 9 of the black book. ――I feel that the fact that I was able to confirm the degree of understanding and memory by reading the explanation first and then solving the mock exam led to a reduction in study time. --Applications during the free retake campaign are ◎ (It seems that they are carried out at a reasonable frequency)

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