How to use Ruby on Rails

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June 9, 2020 Progate Lv.85 I used Rails for my lesson assignments

Sort in ascending order and descending order

Use ʻorder` to sort the data in ascending order (asc: small order) and descending order (desc: large order).

books = Book.order("id": "asc")  #Arrange ids in ascending order
books = Book.order("id": "desc")  #Arrange ids in descending order

Specify the number to get

Use limit to specify the upper limit of the value to be retrieved.

books = Book.limit(100).order("id": "desc") #Get up to 100 values

As in the example, ʻorder can be described in one line by using limit and dot (.`).

Get all numbers

Use ʻall` to get all values as opposed to limit.

books = Book.all

Get the value you want

Use where to get the values that match the conditions in the table.

books.where("author=Ryunosuke Akutagawa") #authorカラムがRyunosuke Akutagawaのレコードを全て取得。

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