[JAVA] How to include Spring Tool in Eclipse 4.6.3?


I was asked how to develop using Spring Framework in Eclipse, so I wrote how to include Spring Tool as an introduction part.

What to prepare

--Eclipse 4.6.3 (Japaneseized in Pleiades)


Select the menu "Help"-> "Eclipse Marketplace".


Enter "Spring tool Suite" in the "Search" box.

Select "Go".


"Install" Spring tools


Select "Confirm".

Wait for a while.

Check each license in "License Review".


If there is no problem, select "I accept the terms of the terms of use" and select "Done".

"Software installation" will start, so wait until you are prompted to restart.


Select "Yes" in "Do you want to restart?"

When "Welcome" is displayed, complete


Select the "Restore" button in the upper left to start development.

Other means

You can also install the Spring Tool Suite directly. https://spring.io/tools



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