[Java] How to turn a two-dimensional array with an extended for statement

Extended for statement

for(Type variable name: array){

I was wondering for a moment how to expand a two-dimensional array by combining the method of turning a loop while assigning the array on the right of: to the variable on the left, like PHP.

foreach($datas as $key => $value){
 for($i = 0; $i < count($value); i++){
    $value[i] = 0;

I thought of using foreach, but it seems that I have to create another object in java, so I wanted to do something about it.

A story that you only have to write the expansion for twice

public class Control {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		int[][] datas = {
		for(int[] data : datas ) {
			for(int value : data) {
				if(value == 0) {
					System.out.print("  ");
				} else {
					System.out.print("* ");
			System.out.println(""); //Line breaks after expanding the nested array

Execution result

          * * * * *   
            * * * *   
          * * * * *   
        * * * * * *   
      * * * * *   *   
    * * * * *         
      * * *           

It wasn't something that bothered me, but I felt a little inconvenient that foreach couldn't use it without creating another object, and I was a little surprised when I thought, "Do I have to remember that too?" I will leave it as.

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