[RUBY] Japaneseize using i18n with Rails

Thing you want to do

--I want to replace the parts written in English such as error messages with Japanese. --When displaying DB column names and class attributes, I want to display the ones that have been replaced with Japanese in advance.


--Introduce gem's rails-i18n --Set the word you want to convert in the ja.yml file


--Introduce gem's rails-i18n


#The place to write is at the bottom of the file or group:development, group :development, :Described in a place other than test
gem 'rails-i18n'

--Install gem --Set the ** default locale in config / application.rb to ja **


#↑ Codes above this are omitted
module App
  class Application < Rails::Application
    config.i18n.default_locale = :ja
    config.time_zone = 'Tokyo'

--Create a file of config / locales / ja.yml --In ja.yml, describe the settings you want to convert to Japanese in yml format
Example: Characters related to DB columns → ʻactiverecord: attributes: Model name: <br /> Characters related to view → views: resource name:`


        password_confirmation:Password confirmation)
      first:the first
      truncate: ...

--When the settings are complete, restart the server (because it will not be reflected unless you do this)

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