Install CentOS Stream 8 in Hyper-V environment

1. Download the ISO image

Download the ISO image from the following. My environment is Windows 10, so I downloaded the x86_64 version.

2. Startup settings

If Secure Boot is enabled, it will not recognize ISO and should be disabled. image.png

3. Installation

All you have to do is install it normally. image.png

Choose Japanese. image.png

Click one by one to set. You should at least click to see where the warning mark appears. image.png

Just check the disc and it will use the default. image.png

Set the root password. image.png

Create a user. Leave it as an administrator. image.png

The network connection is turned on by default. image.png

The installation source is Is specified. (% 5f (It was ASCII underscore (_).) image.png

The choice of software is your choice. Here, I selected the default "Server (using GUI)". image.png

The time is the default America, so set it to Japan. image.png

It looks like this when all the settings are completed. At least all warning icons should be gone. Click Start Installation. image.png

Wait for the installation to complete. image.png

Reboot when complete. image.png

After rebooting, you will be asked to accept the license. (At the moment, the display seems to remain CentOS) This completes the installation.


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