Disable turbolinks in Rails

1. Common events (reloading cures)

・ When you jump to a page, only that page keeps shaking. -No transition even if submit of form_for / with is pressed. -The slider images are arranged in an array.

2. Turbolinks need to be disabled


 <% if content_for?(:body_attributes) %>  
   <%= yield(:body_attributes) %>
 <% end %>
 <%= yield %>

Without closing the closing brace of the div <% if content_for?(:body_attributes) %> <%= yield(:body_attributes) %> Put <% end%> inside

Insert the following code at the top of the view page you want to disable

<% content_for(:body_attributes) do %>
  <% end %>

If you want to disable the turbolinks of the link destination, in link_to

You can disable it by adding , data: {"turbolinks "=> false}.

When you want to disable with a href

<div data-turbolinks='false'>
    <a href="/"></a>

3. At the end

How easy it is to do it! !! I still have to study! !!

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