The story of making an electronic New Year's card app with Vue.js + Rails

2021/1/11 Addition of demo part, other corrections


I like seasonal events and customs and want to express them in what I am good at, so I decided to create a website for New Year's cards. In addition, the idea of ​​a web application that allows you to create a New Year's card was born with the desire to have fun playing with what you made. By imagining how users play, I came up with the idea of ​​using the Twitter API, using a Twitter account to log in, and playing without logging in.

I created a PC user as the main. However, since most people played with smartphones, many smartphone bugs were found. .. I fought bugs at the end of the year, but now I should be able to play on my smartphone without difficulty. ..

Technology used

↓ ↓ ↓ We have already deployed it, so please play with it ↓ ↓ ↓

Development environment

Lightly demo

1. First, from the New Year's card creation page

私のビデオ2 (1).gif

2. Next, New Year's card page


3. Finally user page (login only)


Where I devised

There were many people around me using Twitter, so I implemented functions such as follower-only disclosure. It made it possible to log in with Twitter using firebase, and it was very easy to implement.

I wanted anyone to feel free to use it, so I made it possible to play without logging in. When you log in, you can receive and edit New Year's cards, and you can set the disclosure range, so please log in and play! !!

When I was desperately making the user page on December 31st, the kid messenger was over. .. .. (Lol)


Rails had only the knowledge of tutorials, but there were many articles that were very helpful and the implementation was faster than I expected. I've only touched Vue for half a year, but I participated in the offline hackathon twice, and I think I was able to learn a lot and learn efficiently. She can only thank the people who opened the hackathon, the mentors who taught me, and the seniors I met there.


If you like the New Year's card you made, please take a look. ↓ ↓ ↓ (Since the backend is deployed on heroku, it may take some time to load.)

Thank you for reading this far. Thank you to Mr. Y for making the background video for the New Year's card! !!

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