How to implement a job that uses Java API in JobScheduler

JobScheduler can implement job processing in various languages. Most of them are described in shell and implemented easily, but in shell, it is inconvenient to do a little elaborate things such as not being able to call JobScheduler's internal API. In this article, I will introduce how to implement it in Java.

Java class implementation

As below It inherits the Job_impl class in the sos.spooler package and implements the Java class.

package sample.test;
import sos.spooler.*;
public class SimpleJobApiExample extends Job_impl {
    public boolean spooler_process() throws Exception {"Hello world!");
        return false;

See documentation for available package classes.

Compile & jar file creation

After creating it, compile it as follows.

sample/test/ Against

$ cd sample/test
$ javac -classpath .:/opt/

Create Manifest.txt

$ cd ../../
$ vim Manifest.txt
Manifest-Vwersion: 1.0
Main-Class: sample.test.SimpleJobApiExample
Class-Path: /opt/*

jar file creation

$ jar cvfm SimpleJobApiExample.jar Manifest.txt sample/test/*.class

Place jar file in classpath

Place the jar file created above in a classpath that JobScheduler can recognize.

The classpath that JobScheduler Master recognizes as the read destination is in the [java] category described in factory.ini. The following settings.

class_path              = ${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/pgsql/*.jar:${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/patches/*.jar:${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/user_lib/*.jar:${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/sos/*.jar:${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/3rd-party/*.jar:${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/jdbc/*.jar:${SCHEDULER_DATA}/config:${SCHEDULER_HOME}/lib/log/log4j/*.jar

If you want to place it in a place different from the above default, you need to change the above setting. If you do not need to change it, it is appropriate to place it below.

Under /opt/

$ cp SimpleJobApiExample.jar /opt/

If multiple JobScheduler Masters are clustered, place them in the classpath folder on all Master servers.

Job definition implementation

Implement the job as follows with the jar file placed as described above.

<job title="Simple Java API Job" order="no">
<script language="Java" java_class_path="/opt/" java_class="sample.test.SimpleJobApiExample"/>

With the above settings, the sample.test.SimpleJobApiExample class will be called. Processes such as spooler_process () implemented in the class are automatically executed. If you want to place it in a place different from the default classpath of JobScheduler Master, add java_class_path setting as follows.

<job title="Simple Java API Job" order="no">
<script language="Java" java_class_path="/hoge/lib/*.jar" java_class="sample.test.SimpleJobApiExample"/>

However, the above java_class_path will be added to the class_path setting of the existing JobScheduler Master to specify the folder to be searched, so If the one with the same name is placed in the class_path of JobScheduler Master, that will be read with priority, so be careful.

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