[JAVA] Introduce Vue.js to Rails


This time I introduced Vue.js to the application under development with rails, so I will record it as a memorandum. I hope it helps people who use Vue.js with rails for the first time. Also, since it is a beginner, please point out any mistakes! ruby 2.6.5 Rails

Step 1 Install webpacker

If you have installed it, please skip it. Described in Gemgile

gem "webpacker", github: "rails/webpacker”

If you can write it, bundle install.

After installation, execute the following in the terminal

$ bin/rails webpacker:install

This completes the webpacker installation

Step 2 Install Vue.js

Enter the following command in the terminal

$ rails webpacker:install:vue

Now you have created the files you need for Vue.js.

Step 3 Load Vue.js

Describe the following in the application.html.erb file under app / views / layouts

 <%= javascript_pack_tag "hello_vue" %>

When loaded normally, it will be displayed in the view as shown in the picture. https://gyazo.com/57e56686d2113920659f3dc9410f3a15


Now you can install Vue.js with rails! It's relatively easy to install, so please use it if you like! If you make a mistake, please teach me!

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