[RUBY] [Refactoring] How to write routing


A neat way to write routing: relaxed:

background When specifying the routing, if you use 6 out of 7 actions, if you write it as only, it will be messy and long, and I personally became crap: weary: so I will leave it as a memorandum: bow_tone1:

Rails 7 Actions

First, let's review the seven Rails actions: writing_hand:

Action role
index Display a list
new to add
create Register additional content
edit To edit
update Update your edits
destroy delete
show Display individual contents

How to write

: warning: Here we route to a resource called "tweets"

When implementing all 7 actions


  resources :tweets

To limit the actions used

: warning: Here, "index", "new", and "create" are used.


  resources :tweets, only: [:index, :new, :create]

When deleting unnecessary actions

: warning: Here, we will use an action other than "show".


  resources :tweets, except: [:show]


It's easy to fill in ** only **, but using ** except ** makes the code cleaner and easier to read: point_up: I will also keep in mind: sparkles: laughing:



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