[Java] Reading and writing files with OpenCSV

Official documentation

http://opencsv.sourceforge.net/ JavaDoc http://opencsv.sourceforge.net/apidocs/index.html

Make the read content a List of beans

Uninflected word

List<SampleBean> list = null;

//Read the file
try (BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(path), "UTF-8"))) {

	CsvToBeanBuilder<SampleBean> builder = new CsvToBeanBuilder<SampleBean>(reader);

	list = builder.build().parse();

Read tab-delimited text

Description to add to builder


If there is a header line

Add @CsvBindByName to the bean property. Specify by column name.

If there is no header line

public class SampleBean {

	private String col1 = null;

	private String col2 = null;

	private String col3 = null;

	private String col4 = null;

	private String col5 = null;


If there is no header line

Add @CsvBindByPosition to the bean property. Designation by column position.

If there is no header line

public class SampleBean {

	@CsvBindByPosition(position = 0)
	private String col1 = null;

	@CsvBindByPosition(position = 1)
	private String col2 = null;

	@CsvBindByPosition(position = 2)
	private String col3 = null;

	@CsvBindByPosition(position = 3)
	private String col4 = null;

	@CsvBindByPosition(position = 4)
	private String col5 = null;


Write to file

Write from a list of beans

Official site sample

Writer writer = new FileWriter("yourfile.csv");
StatefulBeanToCsv beanToCsv = new StatefulBeanToCsvBuilder(writer).build();

The official sample method behaves as follows. -Header line is inserted, but all alphabetic characters are capitalized. -The output order of columns is ascending order of column names.

I thought that both could be controlled by using Strategy etc., but sometimes I had to create my own Strategy class. So, it seems easier to simply write using CSVWriter.

Write using CSVWriter

Sample using CSVWriter

CSVWriterBuilder builder = new CSVWriterBuilder(writer);
builder.withSeparator('\t');	//Tab delimited
builder.withLineEnd("\r\n");	//Line feed code(By default\Become n)

try (ICSVWriter csvWriter = builder.build()) {

	csvWriter.writeNext(new String[] { "column1", "column2" }, false);

	//Writing contents
	for (SampleBean output : outputList) {
		csvWriter.writeNext(new String[] { output.getColumn1(), output.getColumn2() }, false);


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