[JAVA] The MVC model at my workplace is terrible

I will write it because it was a project that I had never experienced.

What's wrong in the first place

--I'm using Struts2, but the concept of business logic doesn't exist in the first place --Inquiring DB in action and kneading data --SQL is written in solid Java file --Full of scriptlets for displaying and hiding JSP screen items (such as slicing the first character of a variable in JSP) -As a matter of course, there is no detailed design document --Rather, there is no requirement definition document, no documentation around the DB, and no operation procedure manual (that's why BtoB is). --There is no UT, no shadow, no shape (don't poke the jUnit jar into the repository for now)

What to do from now on

--Document maintenance ――I really want you to stop relying on one super hacker

--Maintenance of source code ――It is necessary to make it as easy to see as possible --I want to use View as View

--Create a project README.md ――What is this so-called project? I want something like that. There are too many things you can't understand without asking someone you know.

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