[RUBY] Frequently used methods in Active Record

Methods used in ActiveRecord

Method role Return value Description example
valid? Check if the target object is valid true or false user.valid?
save Have the database save the target object true or false user.save
create Generate and save the model at the same time Success: the object itself
Failure: Error
User.create(name: 'hoge', email: 'fuga')
destroy Delete the target object Success: the object itself
Failure: Error
find Get record from database with id in argument Success: Target object
Failure: Error
find_by Get the record from the database with key and value as arguments Success: the object itself
Failure: nil
User.find_by(name: 'hoge')
update Pass the hash of the attribute to update the value in the database Success: true or failure: error user.update(name: 'hoge', email: 'fuga')
update_attribute Update only specific attributes
Key for the first argument, value for the second argument
Can be updated by ignoring the verification conditions
Success: true or failure: error user.update_attribute(:name, 'piyo')

Usage pattern

The return value of the save method will be true or false, so it will be used when implementing the controller's create action.


def create    
  tweet = Tweet.create(tweet_params)
  if tweet.save
    #Processing when saving is successful
    #Processing when saving fails

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