[RUBY] When you want to change the wording to be displayed when making a select box from enum

I don't think this is the case, but when creating a select box from an enum, make a note of how to change the wording. As a premise, ʻenumerizeandreform` are used for the gem.


extend Enumerize

enumerize :fluit, in: {
  apple:      1,
  orange:     2,
  peach:      3,
  strawberry: 4,
  cherry:     5,
}, predicates: { prefix: true }

property :fluit



If you write it normally, this is fine.


= f.select :fluit, f.object.class.fluit.options, {prompt: 'Select fruit'}

However, suppose that he was told, "I want to put the words" (on special sale) "for" apples "and" cherries ". That said, I don't want to change ja.yml. Writing one by one without using f.object.class.fluit.options is also poorly maintainable.

Therefore, I created a method that turns the Array generated by f.object.class.fluit.options with a map and adds the wording and returns only when it is a specific value.


def fruit_select_display
  self.class.fluit.options.map do |key, value|
    if value == 'apple' || value == 'cherry'
      [key + '(During special sale)', value]
      [key, value]


= f.select :fluit, f.object.fruit_select_display, {prompt: 'Select fruit'}

With this, I was able to use it once.

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