[RUBY] I summarized the display format of the JSON response of Rails

I'm not familiar with the JSON response display format I got stuck so I organized it.

ActiveModelSerializer has three types of adapters (JSON display format).

attributes: Adapter set by default. Generate a json response without a root key. json: The response always has a root key and generates a json response json_api: A response is returned according to the display format established by the organization that determines the JSON specification called JSON API.

If you want to use: json and: json_api by default, go to the initializers directory Create a separate file such as active_model_serializers.rb (any name is OK) and Set the JSON display format there as follows.

# config/initializers/active_model_serializers.rb
ActiveModel::Serializer.config.adapter = :json_api

The actual response looks like this

    "email"=>"[email protected]"}

"articles" is the root key. The root key name is getting the controller name.

     "title"=>"Oh yeah",
       "email"=>"[email protected]"}
     "attributes"=>{"title"=>"Hinkyaku", "updated-at"=>"2020-10-20T20:44:16.765Z"},

It feels like it's becoming more and more structured. The fact that json_api is a display format that conforms to the JSON specifications Is it the easiest to generalize?

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