[JAVA] I want to get a list of only unique character strings by excluding fixed character strings from the file name


Note that when the above file was in the directory, I sometimes wanted to extract only a unique character string from the file name. I checked the sauce but didn't use it, so it's a memorial service

Operating environment

Java SE 8 (jdk1.8.0_121)

What i did


import java.io.File;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
public class GetFileName {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		String fileLeadName = "hogehoge_"; //First character
		String fileEndName = "_hoge"; //Last character
		File file = new File("File directory path name");
		File files[] = file.listFiles();
		List<File> fileList = new ArrayList<File>();
		for(File fileAndDir : files) {
			//List only file names
		for(File originalFileName : fileList) {
			// getName()Stringed with
			String fileName = originalFileName.getName();
			//Determine if the first and last characters are included
			if(fileName.indexOf(leadFileName) != -1 && fileName.indexOf(endFileName) != -1) {
				// fileLeadName.indexOf(fileLeadName)Is 0, so omitted
				String fileUniqueName = fileName.substring(fileLeadName.length()



If the character string at the end is not a fixed character string such as a date, consider it separately.

If it is separated by "\ _" as above, use lastIndexOf (fileEndName) Is it possible to deal with it by setting it to lastIndexOf ('_')?

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