Java basic knowledge 1


Currently, I am mainly studying Ruby. As I was learning, I became interested in other languages, so I wanted to sort out terms related to Java. If you already know, or if you know how to omit it, please teach.

What is Java

――It is one of the programming languages and it is a popular language in the world.

Why is it so popular?

――What is used in many sites --General-purpose and OS-independent (super important)

What can you do with Java?

--As mentioned above, the software can be run in any environment because it does not depend on the OS. -It seems that you can make something like this. Wow! Many are famous! ――I wondered if you were trusted that much.

What are the benefits of Java?

--Processing speed is fast --It must be a compiler language that requires compilation to start. ――It seems that the feature is that the processing speed is faster than the script language such as Ruby.

--Platform independent --As mentioned above, languages that can be run on Windows, iOS, Linux regardless of OS

--Object-oriented ――It's the same as Ruby!

What are the disadvantages of Java?

--Troublesome work other than programming --Java seems to have to do a task called compilation to execute the program. ――I think it's a feature of the compiler language. ――There will be more work to prepare in advance and prepare the development environment.

--There is little learning environment ――I'm going to have a hard time with this. I want to do my best just by touching it.

As mentioned above, I tried to organize it with my impressions.

at the end

I am studying every day, so I will update it from time to time. We hope you will find it useful for your review.

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