[RUBY] [Rails] How to add new pages

Steps to increase Ruby on Rails pages

It is a memo for myself so as not to forget it.


    1. Describe the URL and the corresponding action in the route file of config
  1. Added the action corresponding to controller
    1. Create a new html.erb file in the view folder

Describe the URL and action in the route file

~ How to write ~

HTTP protocol "URL to display page" => "Controller name #Action name" It is described as.

A concrete example is shown below.


get "images/index" => "images#index"

When receiving a request to the URL ~ / images / index In this program, it is written to execute the index action in the images controller.

Added the action corresponding to controller


def index

As I wrote in the route file earlier, after receiving the URL request The program comes to see the images controller. It then looks for the index action and tries to execute it. This time, we are working to increase the flow itself by one, so we will add the corresponding action.

Create a new html.rb in the view folder

The html.rb file is finally displayed on the browser. route→controller→html



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