Ruby print puts p printf output method


It will be a memo for learning.

Ruby has a print method as a method to output the result of some processing to the log or console in a visible form.

And in Ruby, there are various output methods other than the print method.

print method

The print method can be used only by `specifying the value to be output with a space between them, as shown in the sample code below.

The feature of the print method is that it prints the value specified in the argument without inserting a line break.

1.print 'Hello'
2.print 'hello world'

[Execution result]

1.Hello hello world

puts method

The puts method can also be used by specifying the output value after a half-width space, but the difference from the print method is that it is output with a line break at the end.

1.print 'Hello'
2.print 'hello world'

[Execution result]

2. hello world

p method

The p method outputs type information (string, numeric type, etc.) together with the output value.

p 'My age'
p 40
p 'I'm old.'

[Execution result]

"My age"
"I'm old."

You can see that the character string is enclosed in double quotation marks and the numbers are output as they are.

printf method

The printf method is a method for specifying the format and printing.

Let's check a concrete sample first.

printf('Product information:Category%s model number%d', 'bag', 10111)

[Execution result]

Product information:Category bag Model number 10111

Unlike the previous output methods, the output contents are enclosed in parentheses.

In addition,% s and% d are assigned the values of the arguments separated by commas after that, and the specification of% s and% d is used properly according to the type of the argument (character string or numeric type).


There are various other methods, so I will update them daily.

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