[RUBY] Confirmation and refactoring of the flow from request to controller in [httpclient]


Previously, I implemented autocomplete using JQuery's autocomplete, ajax, and httpclient, but I was only vaguely aware of the content. Check the contents while refactoring.

First, cut out the part accessing the external API into a class and put it in the lib directory. lib/api_suggest.rb

require 'httpclient'
require 'json'

class ApiSuggest
  API_KEY = Rails.application.credentials.api[:API_KEY]
  API_URI = Rails.application.credentials.api[:API_URI]

  def self.suggest(keyword, max_num)
    uri = API_URI
    headers = {
      Authorization: "Bearer #{API_KEY}",
    params = {
      keyword: keyword,
      max_num: max_num,

    client = HTTPClient.new
    req = client.get(uri, body: params, header: headers)

Before refactoring

    client = HTTPClient.new
    req = client.get(uri, body: params, header: headers)
    res = JSON.parse(req.body)

And I was doing JSON.parse (req.body), After refactoring

req = client.get(uri, body: params, header: headers)

Return the req part that is the result of client.get to the controller as it is,

On the controller side app/controllers/suggests_controller.rb

require 'api_suggest'
class SuggestsController < ApplicationController
  def search
    @suggests = ApiSuggest.suggest(params[:keyword], SUGGEST_MAX_COUNT)

    render body: @suggests.body, status: @suggests.code

On line 7, render,

render body: @suggests.body, status: @suggests.code

By putting it in each parameter, it is no longer necessary to JSON.parse.

And that parameter is app/assets/javascripts/suggest.js

$("#form").autocomplete ({
  source: function (req, res) {
      url: '/suggest',
      type: 'GET',
      cache: false,
      dataType: "json",
      data: { keyword: req.term },
  n    success: function (data) {
      error: function (xhr, ts, err) {
 n       res(xhr, ts, err);

It is a flow that is returned under success of ajax.

Check the overall flow

Specified by ajax option ʻUrl: A request was sent to'/ suggest'`, By routing

get 'suggest',    to: 'suggests#search'

ʻThe search method of app / controllers / suggestionss_controller.rb` is called and

  def search
    @suggests = ApiSuggest.suggest(params[:keyword], SUGGEST_MAX_NUM)
    render body: @suggests.body, status: @suggests.code

As a result of ʻApiSuggest.suggest` via an external API request on httpclient,

render body: @suggests.body, status: @suggests.code Is returned,

ʻAjax in app / assets / javascripts / suggestions.js`

success: function (res) {
error: function (xhr, ts, err) {
  resp(xhr, ts, err);

It is returned in each case of success and failure. The flow.

Learn more about the ajax part

The render body option is returning the body of the return value, Returns the result of an external API whose status is a status code (200, 404, 500, etc.).

When you receive it on the ajax side, In ajax, refer to the status code, judge 200 series and 300 series as normal, and execute the success side.

If any other status code is received, execute the error side, Is being processed.

that's all.

At the end.

Thank you for reading to the end: bow_tone1: I am learning Rails from an inexperienced state because I am changing jobs. I want to steadily acquire the correct knowledge and become a competent engineer. As I continue to post, I think that the input for that will inevitably increase, leading to growth. Right now, I can't make excuses just because I'm a beginner, but I think there are many things that are wrong with the content of the post and that I should add, so I would appreciate it if you could point out. Thank you for reading this article.

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