[RUBY] Check the migration status of rails

Check migration

What version of migration is available now ...? I don't know. When

$ rake db:migrate:status

 Status   Migration ID    Migration Name
   up     20200530221315  Create staff members
   up     20200531020945  Create administrators
   up     20200603224605  Create staff events
  down    20200606215347  Create customers
  down    20200606215411  Create addresses

You can check it with rake db: migrate: status. If there is a version in the table, it is down if it is not up. It was easy to confirm.

By the way, when you want to perform only the specified version of migration

$ bin/rails db:migrate VERSION=20200606215411
Migrate to the specified version

I was able to check the version like this and migrate the specified version. Congratulations

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