[Java] Note about the difference between equivalence judgment and equality judgment when comparing String classes

When storing a character string value in a Sting type variable, the judgment result differs between String.equals and==due to the difference in writing style. Note so don't forget.

--How to write using new

How to write using new

In general, the same writing method as when creating an object

    String str = new String("String");

This will compare the variables that store the values. (Is this the right way to use the word "store"?)


    //Create object
    String cat1 = new String("Marble");
    String cat2 = new String("Marble");

    //Equivalence judgment and equal value judgment
    System.out.println(cat1 == cat2);

Output result.


Easy writing

The same writing style as when storing a value in the basic data type

    String str = "String";

This will compare the variables.


    //Store value in variable
    String cat3 = "Mike";
    String cat4 = "Mike";

    //Equivalence judgment and equal value judgment
    System.out.println(cat3 == cat4);

Output result.


After all, if you use the == operator to compare strings, the judgment result will be different, so be careful.

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