How to store a string from ArrayList to String in Java (Personal)


I was writing a program to convert numbers after the decimal point to binary numbers, and I wanted to handle the numbers added to the list other than the extended for statement.


Eclipse Neon 4.6.3 Java8


String variable name= String.join(Characters you want to concatenate,Array name);

I tried using it

public class forPractice {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        double x = 0.125;
        List<String> y = new ArrayList<String>();

        while (x > 0) {

            x *= 2;

            if (x >= 1) {
                x -= 1;
            } else {

        String z = String.join("", y);

        System.out.print("0." + z);


Execution result



If it was completed on one screen, only the extended for statement was enough, but I felt that the for statement was difficult to handle when creating JSP using Servlet, so I decided to use this as well.

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