[JAVA] OpenJDK 11 installation memo

Oracle JDK paid

A little while ago, the news of java charging became a hot topic.

It is said that it will be divided into paid Oracle JDK and free OpenJDK.


However! The procedure for installing OpenJDK has become a little complicated. ~~ As expected, Oracle is dirty. ~~ It is an installation memo of OpenJDK.

Download the Zip file

First of all, on the distribution page of Oracle JDK It's under ** Important Changes in Oracle JDK 11 License . ** Jump to the page http://jdk.java.net/11/


So download the zip file that says Windows / x64

Set the environment variables in the file settings.

When you unzip the zip file, you should see a folder like this.


This is OpenJDK11. ** Yes, OpenJDK doesn't have an installer! ** **

Move this directly under C or in Program Files \ Java. (Deployment location is your choice)

Set environment variables.

Next, set the environment variables. ~~ Even though the previous installer did it for me ・ 3 ・ ~~

First, set the user environment variables.

Enter "** system environment variables **" in the search bar of the menu Open system properties. From there, press the ** Environment Variables ** button.


Then a list of environment variables will appear. Click ** Path ** in the upper window and press the edit button.


Then, enter the path of the newly expanded OpenJDK. Enter the extracted folder \ Jdk-11 \ bin **.


This completes the setting of user environment variables.

Next, set the system environment variables.

From the ** New ** button of the system environment variable

Variable name ** JAVA_HOME ** Variable value OpenJDK expanded earlier (** Expanded folder \ Jdk-11 \ bin **)

Please enter.


This completes the environment variable settings!


Check Java operation

Now let's see if Java actually works.

Launch powershell,

java -version And enter the command.


I confirmed that the version is 11 properly.

Conclusion: Oracle dirty.

Installing OpenJDK has made a lot of beginners cry. The GPL license also has a slightly higher threshold. (Do you mean you can use a new language? (´ ・ ω ・ `)) Unfortunately, it has become difficult to raise Java to the language recommended for beginners.

For those who still want to use Java. Leave a note

reference How to install OpenJDK 11 on Windows? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52511778/how-to-install-openjdk-11-on-windows

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