[JAVA] How to get the contents of Map using for statement Memorandum


In solving the problems of the learning site, I did it while investigating various methods to acquire the contents of the map, so I summarized it as a memorandum.

I will take out the following contents.

       Map<String, String> fruit = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();
       fruit.put("Apple", "apple");
       fruit.put("Mandarin orange", "orange");
       fruit.put("Grape", "grape");
       fruit.put("banana", "banana");

Get only key

Use keySet ().

       for (String japanese : fruit.keySet()) {

The results are as follows.

Mandarin orange

Get only value

Use values ().

       for (String english : fruit.values()) {

The results are as follows.


Get key and value

Use ╩╗entrySet () `.

        for (Map.Entry<String, String> fruitName : fruit.entrySet()) {
            System.out.println(fruitName.getKey() + "Is in english" + fruitName.getValue());

The results are as follows.

Apples are apple in english
Mandarin orange in English
Grape in English
Banana is banana in English

It has become a very simple way of summarizing, but this time it is over.

I think there are other ways, but I would like to study in the future.

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